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Thomas Barry Fine Arts was established as a commercial art gallery in 1984. Since our inception we have mounted numerous exhibitions to featuring artists represented by the gallery as well as artists from the across the country and beyond. Just recently we have closed our exhibition space to redirect our attention to serving our clients with specific services focused on maintaining and managing their collections. We will continue the same commitment to serving the art community here and elsewhere while incorporating a new vision for the future.


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We at Thomas Barry Fine Arts provide a wide variety of client based art services that are by appointment only.

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Thomas Barry 

I have been a contemporary art dealer and gallery owner since 1980.  From 1980-1984 I was the director and joint owner of the Barry Richard Gallery in downtown Minneapolis.  From 1984 until the present I have been and continue to be the sole owner and director of Thomas Barry Fine Arts, a multi service art business located in southeast Minneapolis. Since 2010, I have been a co-owner and co-director of B&W Arts, LLC, a consulting and secondary art market business also located in Minneapolis. I have  participated in numerous art, photography, and design fairs in Chicago, New York, and Miami.  My primary interest and expertise is in modern and contemporary art and design, and I specialize in appraisals and consulting in these fields for public, private, and corporate collections. I graduated in 1972 from the University of St. Thomas in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. I was also enrolled in a graduate program in design at the University of Minnesota before embarking on a full time career in the professional art world.

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Thomas Barry Fine Arts, owner
B&W Arts, LLC, partner


B.A., Fine Arts, 1972.
Graduate Studies in Design, 1979.